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Why Ron Paul Can Win, Despite the Odds

Ron Paul may seem like a longshot, but no other candidate has a message that creates such passionate supporters. Even if the mass media tries to ignore him, they simply cannot stifle the actions of thousands of individuals, spreading the message, creating support.

From What They Don’t Know on the superb site,

The people who think they can control the outcome of this next election are the same who claimed they could control the situation in Iraq. They are the same who have been trying, without success, to prevent natural consequences in the financial markets from occurring.

Freedom and Prosperity in 2008 — Ron Paul.

Spread the message.

Wow, I Guess I’m Voting Republican: Ron Paul

Where did this guy come from? Ron Paul, as a presidential candidate, is almost too good to be true. He is generating a tremendous following thanks to the Internet, and the mainstream media is starting to catch on.

Ron Paul is the one clear voice of dissent on the Iraq war. Every other candidate is trying to hypnotize and compel us by uttering “September 11th”. Ron Paul is the only candidate educated enough to know and vocalize basic facts, such as “the terrorism of Sept. 11 was not directed against America but against American foreign policy” (Johnson).

Here’s a brief clip from a GOP debate:
Ron Paul: “We achieved much more in peace than…unconstitutional, undeclared wars”

Another clip: Ron Paul gives best interview yet, on FOX news.

How do I KNOW that Ron Paul is a principled leader?
Because he is Capt. Jean-Luc Picard, with hair.

A Google search indicates I wasn’t the first to notice…

Ron-Paul as Capt. Picard

All joking aside, Ron Paul is a long-shot candidate and needs our help in spreading the message.
Visit Ron Paul 2008 to find out more.

How I Became a Vegetarian.. and Worse

I’m an avid reader, but I don’t think I’ve ever read a book that blew me away like The Food Revolution. It’s one of those shocking experiences where things you know to be true, turn out not to be true after all.

I never planned on becoming a vegetarian, it seemed completely non-sensical. But after reading one chapter, I found myself starting to feel unwilling to eat meat. That effect probably wouldn’t have lasted longer than a week, but I didn’t stop reading there. Chapter after chapter, I was taken aback by the results of research in domains such as human health, farming, and the health of our environment.

I can look back and say that this is one book that definitely impacted my life. I guarantee you will learn at least one thing that will affect your view of your diet, forever. Highly recommended. Check it out from the local library, like I did. Or order your own copy from Amazon, like I did, later. đŸ™‚