Monthly Archives: May 2014

Announcing DingLabs on YouTube

Yep, DingLabs now has a YouTube channel.

Now you can listen to audiobooks and see each word highlighted as it is spoken. This is great listening practice for language learners, or even native speakers looking for a more engaging listening experience.

Enough talk, let’s see a sample! Here’s one of the short stories from Grimm’s Fairy Tales read by the amazing narrator, Bob Neufeld:

If you are an ESL / EFL student, you can get a lot out of watching these types of videos everyday. As you listen and read along, you’ll notice many new things about how words are spelled and pronounced. You’ll expand your vocabulary and gain fluency as you go.

For English learners, or any aspiring polyglots, I highly recommend this audiobook by Steve Kaufmann:

(Si usted es un hablante de español, primero vea la versión en español, entonces usted puede ver la versión inglés):

In addition to these audiobooks, there is also A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, impressively narrated by Bob Neufeld.

Your feedback and suggestions welcome! If you would like to be notified when future videos come out, please do subscribe to the DingLabs channel.